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bespoke applications
quickly, efficiently,
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Adam is a low-code, enterprise-level software
development platform
for SMEs and corporations.

Our platform gives you the power to combine the flexibility
of bespoke development with the convenience of ready-made
modules that can be fully tailored to your vision and requirements.
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Have you met Adam?

Meet the low-code software development platform that enables your team to build agile bespoke applications in short timescales.

Are you looking for a sensible and sustainable balance between off-the-shelf and tailor-made? Adam positions itself in the cross-section of commercial software packages, cloud-based SaaS, and bespoke development.

Why Adam?

Adam is the ideal solution for accelerating bespoke application development with low risk. Shorten timescales reduce costs and lead to quicker return on your investment.

Is Adam for you?

One of Adam's biggest strengths is its flexibility. Whether you are an SME without an IT team or a corporation with in-house developers, Adam will provide the head start your project needs.

Can you trust Adam?

Adam serves as the resilient foundation of core systems for numerous companies. They rely on Adam to run their mission-critical applications day in, day out. Reliability is in Adam's DNA.

In need of help?

Your team will love how powerful, yet easy-to-learn Adam is. What's more, our experts are always there for you, if you find yourself in need of additional IT skills or capacity.

How Adam supports your growth

Create unique user experiences, streamline workflows, and automate operations for a bigger competitive advantage. Using Adam you can achieve all this at a lower cost and in shorter time frames, while also minimising the common risks associated with traditional software development.

Adam delivers better real-life value

Adam helps you build high-impact bespoke applications
with rapid time-to-value and return on investment

  • You can reuse high-quality, reliable code blocks
  • You can auto-generate code to reduce costs even more
  • Our value-focussed methodology keeps projects on track
  • Flexible access to our experience, expertise and resources
Examples of software dashboards and application modules that deliver real-life value
Ready-built modules that shorten software development timescales

Adam shortens development timescales

Adam can give you the head start your project needs to
achieve your business goals and real-life value faster

  • Ready-built core modules supply 40-60% of your project
  • Adam delivers working functionality at early stages of the project
  • Reduced need for customisation results in faster time-to-value
  • Flexible modules give a jump-start to your software project in any context

Adam minimises risk at every stage

Bespoke software projects don't have to be risky. Eliminate
common development pitfalls by building on Adam

  • Tried-and-tested framework and code base
  • Machine-generated, high-quality code
  • Continuous user feedback and frequent releases
  • Time-boxed development process for maximum focus
development and implementation methods that minimise common application development risks

Full flexibility from all angles

Adam’s flexibility expands beyond its technical capabilities
and ability to fit many different purposes.

Building on Adam you will also benefit from:

Advanced built-in modules that
speed up your app development

Bespoke development doesn't have to be expensive, slow, or risky. With Adam's advanced and flexible pre-built modules you can create your own fully tailored core applications quickly and without the costs and common risks of traditional software development.

Sales Management

Manage your sales process from the earliest to the latest touchpoint.
Create and track contacts, activities and quotes with Adam’s Sales CRM. Generate reports with the most impactful information.

Marketing Management

Get a 360-degree view of your suspects, prospects, customers and referrers. Integrate your social media and email marketing tools. Create reports with the data you need to showcase your results.

Workflow management
& automation

Automate one-off tasks or whole workflows to boost your productivity. Generate advanced forms to capture the information you need. Easily organise your tasks and events with the pre-built Scheduler.


Create a seamless employee experience for your team. Book, approve and report on their well-deserved holidays. Manage timesheets, align workforce and hours with projects.

Customer Service
& Help Desk

Enable customers, clients, partners, and employees to create support tickets, manage cases and track their progress. Create reports for a clear overview of your support activities.

Field Service

Sync your field-based team with the back office for smooth inspections, audits, maintenance, or any other field-based tasks. Use the advanced form builder to record and share findings.

Document & Knowledge

Accelerate employee and client onboarding by giving access to the right information at the right time. Log and find crucial information by using the Archiver and its advanced search features.

Resource Management
& Fulfilment

End-to-end order and resource management features for both B2B and B2C relationships. Track demand, inventory, manufacturing processes, distribution, and maintenance with Adam’s ERP module.

& Operations

Build comprehensive financial reports and custom dashboards to keep stakeholders up-to-date. Grant permissions based on role to ensure the appropriate level of access in all contexts.

& Development

Create your own, fully tailored internal training and development portal. Create and assign courses by roles or teams, and track learners’ progress. Record results and certifications, manage compliance.


Built to be natively mobile-first and cross-platform, your Adam-based bespoke applications will provide a smooth user or customer experience on all devices and operating systems.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Adam?

Adam is a proven low-code software development platform and framework.

By using Adam as the foundation of your bespoke software systems your team can develop fully tailored, secure and flexible business applications without the stress, risks, timescales and costs of traditional software development projects.

Learn more about the reasons businesses of all shapes and sizes choose Adam to be the foundation of their mission-critical software systems on our Why Adam page.

What are the benefits of working with Adam?

To get straight to the point: short development timescales, significantly reduced costs, minimal risk, and scalability. The most impactful and obvious benefit users experience very soon after starting their development with Adam is the pace they can build fully functioning applications tailored to their unique workflows. This speed directly translates into lower development costs, and faster return on investment.

Using Adam as your low-code development platform you have access to ready-made software modules, the capability of automatically generating a significant portion of the code, as well as the experience and expertise of Transition, the team behind Adam. This powerful combination gives your software project a head start, but also the peace of mind that your business processes will run on a tried-and-tested, and continuously improving foundation.

To find more information and details on why you should consider developing your bespoke software with Adam, visit our Why Adam page.

Who is Adam for?

Adam is an ideal choice for any business that wants to create bespoke applications tailored to their specific workflows. Adam is actively used by SMEs and corporates in a wide range of industries. Their varied use cases and requirements also showcase how agile Adam is.

Adam has been built with both business and IT professionals in mind. It can be easily configured by your business team, so you won't rely on access to developers to run your day-to-day operations. Its industry-standard technology and advanced modules enable your IT team to develop bespoke applications rapidly, while cutting costs and minimising risks at the same time.

Its flexibility expands beyond technological capabilities: using Adam you have the freedom to build applications with your in-house IT team or Adam's developers and business analysts at Transition. What's more, you can create a hybrid team, so you have access to the right skills and right level of capacity you need at all times.

Adam's strengths are best shown when your workflow is so complex, that none of the commercial off-the-shelf products and SaaS solutions can address your requirements, or you grow out your existing bespoke system. Adam is designed to be easy to use and implement to prevent disruption to your most crucial systems.

Build your mission-critical applications on Adam's resilient foundation

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