Frequently Asked Questions

Even bespoke development projects begin with some basic questions.
Here are the ones about our platform we answer most often

What is Adam?

Adam is a proven low-code software development platform and framework.

By using Adam as the foundation of your bespoke software systems your team can develop fully tailored, secure, and flexible business applications without the stress, risks, timescales, and costs of traditional software development.

Learn more about the reasons businesses of all shapes and sizes choose Adam to be the foundation of their mission-critical software systems on our Why Adam page.

Who is Adam for?

Adam is an ideal choice for any business that wants to create bespoke applications tailored to their specific workflows.

Adam is actively used by SMEs, corporates, as well as start-ups in a wide range of industries. Their varied use cases and requirements also showcase how agile Adam is.

Adam has been built with both business and IT professionals in mind. It can be easily configured by your business team, so you won't rely on access to developers to run your day-to-day operations. Its industry-standard technology and advanced modules enable your IT team to develop bespoke applications rapidly, while cutting costs and minimising risks at the same time.

Its flexibility expands beyond technological capabilities: using Adam you have the freedom to build applications with your in-house IT team or Adam's developers and business analysts at Transition. What's more, you can create a hybrid team, so you have access to the right skills and right level of capacity at all times.

Adam's strengths are best shown when your workflow is so complex, that none of the commercial off-the-shelf products and SaaS solutions can address your requirements, or you grow out your existing bespoke software. Adam is designed to be easy to use and implement to prevent disruption to your most crucial systems.

What are the benefits of working with Adam?

To get straight to the point: short development timescales, significantly reduced costs, minimal risk, and scalability.

The most impactful and obvious benefit users experience very soon after starting their development with Adam is how fast they can build fully functioning applications tailored to their unique workflows. This speed directly translates into lower development costs, and faster return on investment.

Using Adam as your low-code development platform you have access to ready-made software modules, the capability of automatically generating a significant portion of the code, as well as the experience and expertise of Transition, the team behind Adam. This powerful combination gives your software project a head start, but also the peace of mind that your business processes will run on a tried-and-tested, and continuously improving foundation.

Find more information and details on why you should consider developing your bespoke software with Adam, visit our Why Adam page.

How much does developing with Adam cost?

Our clients' Adam-based projects came in all shapes and sizes, and the costs of these bespoke developments always depend on the requirements of each project.

Without discussing your goals and idea first we can't be too specific. Generally speaking, developing with Adam can reduce your costs and timescales by up to 90%, compared to traditional software development methods.

To give you an indication of how varied are the costs of building an application: Adam-based software development projects range from £15,000 to £150,000, from specification to implementation and onboarding.
Ongoing maintenance and support fees normally start at £2,000 a month.

Contact us for a free estimate of the costs and timescales of your software project.

What technology does Adam rely on?

In a nutshell, Adam is built upon the industry-standard technology stack of Microsoft, including .NET and Azure cloud services. It is written mostly in C#, a widely used, multi-paradigm, object-oriented programming language. Adam also uses the Angular web application framework to create outstanding cross-platform experiences. Its databases are running on Microsoft SQL Server.

Would you like to take a deeper look under the hood? Feel free to contact us - our technical team is happy to answer your questions about Adam's technological background.

How secure are the apps built on Adam?

When it comes to the security of the applications you develop using Adam, there are two distinct aspects you have to consider. First, the security of your Adam-based app itself. Second, the security features of the hosting environment your application is served from.

The security of the Adam platform and core apps is being continuously put to the test. Adam keeps passing all the frequently conducted penetration tests and other security checks, ensuring that our clients' systems (and their businesses) are not exposed to any vulnerabilities.

An equally crucial segment of the overall security of your system is protecting your hosting servers from malicious activity. Where you host your bespoke application determines how much effort you will need to put into securing your servers.

The easiest way, and the one most of our clients opt for is hosting your app with Transition (the developers of the Adam platform). Transition works with a trusted, reputable hosting company to ensure the highest level of resilience and security for client servers, systems, and software.

Of course, you can choose to host your application on your own servers or use your preferred external hosting provider.

Get in touch with us to discuss your safest course of action. We are happy to give you the assistance you need to evaluate your hosting options.

Who created Adam?

Adam (the low-code development platform) has been developed by Transition, the bespoke software development powerhouse based in Milton Keynes, UK.

We at Transition are well known for our ability to quickly grasp how our clients' businesses operate and how their core processes can be enhanced by technology to create the most value sustainably. This flair and the dedication to ensure the smooth running of their mission-critical systems are the reasons our clients often refer to us as their "organic IT extension".

Would you like to know more about the people behind Adam? Visit the Transition website where you can learn more about our bespoke development approach, experience, and team.

How do I start building apps with Adam?

Start your journey with Adam by getting in touch with us. Let's explore together how Adam can help you streamline your development projects. While Adam is the right development platform when you look to build or enhance bespoke applications for complex workflows, you don't need specialist knowledge to speak with us.

We speak plain, jargon-free business language, so we can have an impactful conversation whether you have IT experience or not. You don't need to make preparations either. For our better understanding of your project, we will ask you about your idea and your business, of course.

We normally ask questions about your goals, day-to-day operations, workflows, as well as your potential business opportunities and challenges. Learning such important details about your business will help us advise on how to implement and use Adam so it can add the most value to your software projects.

Call or email us today and one of our business or software experts will help you find the right technological solution to bring your business vision to life.

Build your mission-critical applications on Adam's resilient foundation

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