Why build your apps
with Adam?

The right technology, the right process, and the right people - united

The low-code platform
for fast, low-risk
application development

Businesses choose Adam as their bespoke software development platform when they look to bridge the gap between their business goals, technological potentials, investment and timescales, but commercial off-the-shelf software packages aren’t up to the task.

With Adam your team can make a big impact in a controlled, agile and sensible way. Learn more about how Adam maximises the business value of your software project below.    

Exceptional value for investment

We believe that the ability to develop custom-made applications should be available for all companies that need it.

So, we’ve been building and enhancing Adam specifically to challenge the myth that bespoke projects have to be risky, costly, and sluggish by nature. 

Adam’s base modules and auto-generated code provide up to 80% of your bespoke application, delivering both the essential foundations and real-life functionality that leads to better and quicker return on your investment, than traditional software development methods.

Reduced timescales

They say “a problem well stated is half solved”, and this definitely rings true when it comes to software development.

Adam’s ready-to-use modules and machine-generated code significantly shorten your application’s build time, yet they don’t nearly cover all the advantages you’ll gain.

Building on Adam you will also have access to the diverse experience our business and technical experts accumulated throughout hundreds of projects.

Swiftly understanding your business processes and goals, we will help you speed up all stages of the development, from business case to go-live.

Pre-built modules, auto-generated code, and a proven framework shorten development timescales.

Proven framework, minimal risk

We often have to address worries about the risks involved in bespoke application development.

The fear of business disruption or project failure usually stems from past experiences of not having control over the process and its outcomes. Adam is different from this angle, too.

The code base, modules and auto-generated code that will deliver up to 80% of your project already provide the foundations of mission-critical systems for a great deal of organisations.

Adam’s tried, tested, and steadily improving technology minimises uncertainty and risks at all phases of the development. Its proven, time-boxed delivery framework ensures your full control and easy course correction throughout your journey. 

Cross-platform, mobile-native applications

Technology evolves at a rapid pace, and businesses who can’t take advantage of the latest technologies often lag behind their competition.

Providing your team and customers with the right information and the right experience in real time is key to drive growth in a mobile-first world. 

Building on Adam enables your team to create secure, cross-platform and mobile-native applications. Looking to provide outstanding customer experiences or enhance the productivity of your workforce?

Adam gives you the tools to make it happen on all devices and operating systems.

Cross-platform bespoke mobile application modules

Full flexibility in staffing

Businesses embrace Adam’s flexibility, especially when it comes to functionality, integrations, and implementation. Yet, this agility is not limited to its technological capabilities and delivery framework.

Working with Adam you can even choose your ideal team to build your bespoke applications. 

It is your choice whether to build on Adam with your internal development team or entrust Transition’s software experts (Adam's creators) to become your external IT department.

Better yet, you can create an agile, hybrid team to combine skills, capacity, and experiences for your project how you see fit.

Full control over hosting

Adam empowers your team with all-round agility and control that covers all aspects, including technology, delivery and staffing.

What's more, when developing with Adam, it is entirely your call whether to host your application on your own, internal servers, with your preferred third-party service provider, or using Transition’s best-of-breed hosting infrastructure. 

Most Adam users choose Transition’s servers to provide a safe home to their mission-critical systems.

Transition works with their trusted, reputable infrastructure partner to ensure scalability, resilience and security of all Adam-based apps.

Build your mission-critical applications on Adam's resilient foundation

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