Why trust Adam with
your core systems?

A proven platform for future-proof applications - from a seasoned team

Meet Transition,
the team behind Adam

Today there are scores of app development companies, software vendors, and SaaS solutions competing for your attention - and your business. Who can you trust with the mission-critical systems your company relies on today, tomorrow, and even years from now?

You surely compare technologies to find the right platform, yet you also need to evaluate the people behind it.
How to assess your options? Our clients typically chose Adam after getting to know Transition, the team that created it.

Experience and track record

With more than 24 years of development experience and hundreds of projects under our belt, we continue to take great pride in the trust our clients place in us.

We’ve proved time after time that we are their reliable partner in designing, developing, and steadily enhancing their mission-critical applications.

You too can rely on our business and software experience that span across industries, including manufacturing, logistics, and financial services to name but a few.

Developing your bespoke software on the Adam platform will gain you a trusted partner that gives your core systems the attention and guardianship they need.  

Business understanding

Nobody knows your business better than you. Yet, to bring your software vision to life, you will need an agile partner that understands the challenges and opportunities you face, as well as the subtleties of your workflows.

We may not be experts in your particular sector, but our extensive business experience helps us promptly grasp how to add the most value to your core processes. 

Our comprehension of your business ensures that Adam can deliver the value you look to gain. Building your applications on Adam will reduce development timescales, costs and risks.

Access to Transition’s proficiency in turning business ideas into software solutions will give you the peace of mind that your project is on the right track from the beginning till it goes live - and beyond.

dashboards, modules, and examples of industries for which we have developed bespoke applications

Working in partnership

Even skilled IT and operations teams need an extra pair of hands or a fresh set of eyes sometimes to make sure their project runs smoothly. On such occasions, collaborative partnerships are key to delivering the most value.

The Transition team is well versed in all aspects of building business applications and streamlining workflows. We understand your technological requirements, financial pressures, business goals and needs, as well as team dynamics.

The combination of this overarching experience and our dedication to our clients’ success is the reason they often refer to us as their “organic, external IT extension”.

Building your application on our platform you will always have the peace of mind that we are there for you, whether you need strategic guidance or technical assistance on your bespoke development journey.  

Our principles and process

Rigid development frameworks and management fads are not our cup of tea. Our principles are all about resilience, sustainable added value, and flexibility. 

We focus on real-life functionality over tick-box features, meaningful outcomes over methodology, communication over documentation, as well as usability and experience over design trends. 

Adam’s technology and its corresponding delivery framework also embody our obsession with agility. This approach translates into a significant advantage when you look to build future-proof business applications with high impact.

From fully customisable modules to our gradual, time-boxed delivery framework every aspect of working with Adam and Transition reflects the same overall results-driven philosophy.  

Stages of the software development process and agile principles

Our team

We select our team members with great care. Our blameless, respectful culture rewards those who are ready to go the extra mile for the team and our customers. 

Our developers, designers, business analysts and project managers are all laser-focussed on our clients’ success and the value their Adam-built applications can deliver.  

The lean, close-knit team behind Adam represents a diverse range of experiences, skills and expertise, and we are all dedicated to unlocking our clients’ growth potential and enabling them to transform the way they work.

You will see the evidence of this dedication when building your bespoke applications on Adam. Our value-driven culture shaped our development platform to be the ideal, reliable, and flexible foundation of your mission-critical systems today and tomorrow.

Build your mission-critical applications on Adam's resilient foundation

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